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Gather with your industry peers and other valuable business contacts and participate in local, national and online networking events. Attend local and state NAIFA meetings, or if a LILI Alum, join the LILI online social networking site.

NAIFA Netsite

Online social networking sites for NAIFA members including YATs and LILI alums.

LILI: Leadership in Life Institute

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YAT: Young Advisors Team

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NAIFA State / Local Events

One of the core benefits of NAIFA membership is the opportunity to participate in meetings and events at one of the hundreds of NAIFA local and state associations nationwide. These meetings provide members with tremendous networking opportunities, help them stay in touch with peers, share ideas, and form business alliances and are also a great source of information, including legislative updates, announcements about new NAIFA products and services, and presentations made by members or invited guests. To locate the NAIFA state or local association nearest you click here