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NAIFA Congressional Conference | NAIFA

Welcome to NAIFA's 2014 Congressional Conference!

On May 21st, 2014, several hundred NAIFA members from every corner of the country – from Hawaii to Maine – came to Washington, DC to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. They advised lawmakers and their staff on how their decisions affect agents, brokers, and their clients. Through the 2014 Congressional Conference, NAIFA members were able to help establish and cultivate relationships with lawmakers, share their expertise, and educate lawmakers on the value of life insurance, annuities, retirement savings, and employee benefits for 75 million American families.

NAIFA plans to follow up its highly successful 2013 and 2014 Congressional Conferences with a district meeting campaign in August, and the May 19th-20th, 2015 Congressional Conference. Registration for these activities will begin later this year.


Did you miss the April 29 & 30 advocacy briefing webinars? No problem! Watch a recording of the webinar here to learn what we will be discussing, what resources are available, and other helpful tips for meeting with your members of Congress!