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Have you missed issues of GovTalk or overlooked our latest member benefit because the email announcement went to your spam folder? New email filters intended to stop unwanted spam from going to your inbox may also block your NAIFA emails. Here's what you can do.

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With three simple steps, you can ensure that you receive our emails safely and on time. Please follow the steps outlined below to help make sure NAIFA emails are delivered to your inbox.

If your email service is not listed above, please contact your email provider or network administrator for further instruction.

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To update your email address or other membership information, go to: You will need your NAIFA member number and password to log in.

NAIFA uses member email addresses only for the purpose of informing members of our news and programs. We do not sell member email addresses to other organizations. For more information, contact the NAIFA Member Service Center at or 877-TO-NAIFA.